How Do I Contact AOL Customer Support Number
AOL Customer Support Number

How Do I Contact AOL Customer Support Number

Best Way to Call at AOL Customer Support Number

AOL mail is a free webmail service, which is provided by AOL. Currently, the brand is marketed and maintained by Verizon communications. Due to the sheer number of features, the mailing service has been a fan favorite for a very long time. But as any other mail service faces technical glitches, similarly, the users of AOL also face the same kind of problems from time to time. The issues may range from error incoming mails to outgoing emails, from the unavailability of AOL to sign in problems. But the good news is that the AOL customer support number is always ready to help the users in the hours of need. There are different numbers to reach customer service as per their problems. Here is the AOL Helpline number that you can use when you have any query related to your AOL account:

1-888-983-4006: You can use this AOL Customer Support Helpline number in the following conditions:

  • To solve sign up issues
  • If you need any support regarding the AOL account
  • If you have not used your account for some time and forget your account password
  • For any technical support regarding the account (this one is available for paid customers only)

1-877-200-8067: AOL provides this Helpline number for its deaf customers.

The working time of the phone numbers is from 8 am to 12 am ET through Monday to Friday. For Saturday, the timing is 8 am to 10 pm ET. The experts on the customer support of AOL are highly trained, and you can expect to get satisfactory results from their side.

What are the features of the AOL account?

Tons of features are entailed to the AOL accounts, which make it one of the most popular messaging services in the world. The mailing service allows a maximum of 25 MB attachments on each email. The mailbox can hold 1000 new messages along with 4000 old and sent messages. It supports three protocols, namely POP3, IMAP, and SMTP. Another great feature is the email link up through which the user can link up to other email accounts from different service providers. The embedded links that are attached in the emails gets disabled on its own. But the user may choose to enable it for his convenience. The service also gives virus and spam protection against all the potential threats to the privacy of the account holder. If some unwanted mail is sent to another AOL or AIM account, then it allows the user to reverse it.

What are the errors that occur in AOL account?

As we have said, different types of technical errors may occur in your AOL account. Most of the mistakes are similar to the other email services, and the reasons behind them are also the same. Here in this topic, we will see the typical problems that the AOL users face and how the AOL helpline number rectifies them.

The common problems that the AOL users face can be divided into four different types. The will be various potential reasons behind each of these problems.

  • The first technical glitch that almost every AOL user must have faced in their life is the “AOL mail account not receiving emails” problem
  • The second one is AOL mail account not sending emails problem
  • AOL mail is not available error
  • Difficulty in signing in to the AOL email account

Now let’s see the potential reasons that are targeted by the AOL Customer Support Number experts.

AOL mail not receiving emails issue

This is the most frequently occurred glitch that the AOL customers face. The experts indicate the following suspects behind the reason-

  1. Email filters: The AOL mail service allows its users to apply filters to their incoming messages. This mainly opts when users want to get rid of unwanted email sources. That is when they use filters to the incoming emails and in the process, may filter some relevant email sources. The emails usually end up in unwanted mails’ folders such as spam or the trash folder.
  2. Email forwarding: Email forwarding stems out of the feature in which the user can link his AOL account to another email account. If the forwarding option is turned on, then the incoming emails end up in the linked mailbox, and the AOL inbox does not get any messages.
  3. Email configuration: When the users want to use the AOL email in some other devices such as mobile or tablet, then the mailbox should be configured appropriately as per the IMAP, SMTP, or POP3 protocol. If the configuration is inconsistent, later, the emails are not received.
  4. Corrupted Browser : A damaged browser is the reason behind the AOL mails technical glitches more often than not. Over time, cached files and history files pile up in the browser, which interferes with the connection to the AOL server.

AOL mail not sending emails issue

The reasons behind AOL mail not sending emails are said to be almost similar to those behind the emails not receiving the emails by the AOL customer support experts. While a corrupted browser and mismatched configuration can lead up to this problem, there are two more potential reasons behind this one.

  1. Pop up blocker: Some websites, including the AOL mail, requires your browser to be pop up window enabled.If the customer uses a popup blocker in his system, then that might lead to the AOL mail not sending emails problem.
  2. High security: If the safety of the user’s device is increased too much, then also it may interfere with the connection to the AOL account. A lowering of security levels is recommended in this case.

AOL unavailable issue

This problem occurs mainly occurs when the AOL server, which has been dedicated to a region, goes down. In this case, the AOL customer support team does not give any instruction to the users as it should be rectified by their own personal only.

AOL signing up the issue

If a user is having some issue while opening his account in AOL or if an existing user is having a problem in logging in to the account, then the AOL helpline number comes into the scene.

Whatever may be the problem, the AOL helpline team guides its user step by step to resolve all the potential causes amicably.

What is the benefit of the AOL helpline number?

We have described the problems that you may face while using the AOL mail services. You can reach the experts of AOL through the AOL customer support number and resolve all the issues. The team consists of highly trained individuals who have been working in this field for a very long time. Here is why you should opt for their service-

Around the clock facility: We have provided the timing for the support number when the customers can reach an actual person to attend their query. Even if a customer calls outside of those working hours, an automated voice will guide him to resolve the most common technical glitches.

Compatible: As we have already mentioned, the experts’ team of the AOL customer support is very experienced and knows what they are dealing with. The individuals will address your query and analyze it properly before providing a suitable solution for it.

Quality: The quality of help from the AOL contact number is very high. According to the Getting Human website, the quality of communication is 84%, while the quality of support from the same is 67%. This shows their compatibility to do their job.

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