AOL Gold: What is it, and how to download & Install for Windows and MAC
Download,Install AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Gold: What is it, and how to download & Install for Windows and MAC

Tricky Points About How to Download or Install AOL Desktop Gold

Conventionally, the desktop users have to use different software to perform various tasks in their system. There is different software for emailing, browsing, playing, and so on. The opening and the usage of these sheer numbers of software for different purposes demands a lot of time and energy from the user. But what if you can control all these tasks through single software? It is made possible by the advent of AOL desktop gold services, which lets the user perform different tasks such as emailing, browsing, or any other task from a single interface. The AOL desktop gold was previously known as AOL desktop software. The interface has changed a little, but the benefits and user-friendliness have remained the same over the years. If you want to download or install AOL desktop gold and avail of these facilities, then there are some system requirements for it. Also, the AOL Desktop Gold downloading procedure changes depending on whether you are already an AOL member or not. We will address all these aspects in this article. We will also discuss various features and ensuing issues of this great software.

System requirements for windows and Mac to download or Install AOL Desktop Gold

Download or Install AOL Desktop Gold For Windows: There are different system requirements, starting from your version to RAM and resolution to download AOL Desktop Gold in your Windows system. Here are the detailed particulars-

  • Windows Version: The AOL desktop gold software is only compatible with windows 7, window 8, windows 8.1, and Windows 10. If your operating system is not one of these, then you will need to upgrade your system to use the AOL desktop facilities.
  • Processor: The minimum processor speed that will seamlessly allow you to use the software in your system is 266 MHz.The speed can be higher than this but not lower than this.
  • Screen Resolution: The minimum screen resolution needs for the AOL desktop gold software is 1024*764. Most of the modern-day desktops have a higher resolution than this one. So you do not need to think much about the same.
  • Memory Requirement: Your system must have 1 GB Random Accessible Memory or RAM. It should also contain a minimum of 512 MB free hard disk space. This RAM requirement is met by almost all the modern systems irrespective of the HDD or SDD hard drives. Just make sure that you have 512 MB or higher free space.
  • Internet: A good internet speed is a final requirement for downloading the AOL desktop gold software to your device.

Download or Install AOL Desktop Gold For Mac: For Mac, the system requirements are the same as those in the case of a windows system. Let’s go over it quickly once again.

  • Operating system: All iOS versions support the AOL desktop gold software.
  • Processor: The processor speed of the Mac device should be at least 266 MHz.
  • Screen resolution: The minimum screen resolution requirement for the Mac system is 1024*764. Of course, a higher resolution will also be compatible with the software.
  • Memory requirement: The Mac device needs to have a minimum of 1 GB RAM in it. Also, there should be at least 512 MB free hard disk in the machine.
  • Internet: Similar to the windows system, the Mac device will also require a good internet speed to download the AOL desktop gold for MAC.

How to Download, Install AOL Desktop Gold for Windows & MAC

If you do not have an AOL account, then you will need to create one as follows and then download, install AOL desktop gold:

  • Go to the AOL website and opt for opening a new account. Type your credentials such as the username, DoB, etc.
  • Once you create your AOL account, open the same.
  • You will see different subscription plans. Choose the one that fits into your budget
  • Now, log into your AOL email account and find the email that invites you to start the AOL gold services. You will see a link in the message.
  • Tap on the link to download the AOL desktop gold software.
  • Once the download is completed, run the setup file and follow the prompts to finish the installed. You can start using the software after that.

If you are already an AOL member, then you need to follow these steps to download, install AOL desktop gold on Mac and Windows:

  • Open your AOL account. Go to the AOL benefits section.
  • Search for the “AOL desktop gold” software in the previously mentioned section and download it.
  • Run the setup file and follow the prompts to finish the installation.

AOL desktop gold issues

The AOL desktop gold is loaded with features, but the users may face some problems from time to time. We have listed here the most common ones-

  • One of the first issues that the AOL desktop gold may face is during the installation process. The user may not know how to carry out the steps involved in it.
  • The AOL desktop gold account can be logged in from Microsoft Outlook. But sometimes, the users may not be able to perform the task.
  • Sometimes the icon of AOL desktop gold may go missing from the device. The use will seek troubleshooting ideas.
  • Another problem is the access to AOL mail from the AOL desktop gold.
  • The auto-update option of the AOL gold may not work.
  • Sometimes, the AOL desktop software shows Error 104. This is a system crash error where the windows or the Mac interface freezes and does not take any command from the user.
  • There is an address book in every AOL gold software, which contains relevant information and essential contacts. Sometimes, this address book may go missing from the AOL desktop gold account.
  • Adding a short cut of the AOL desktop gold makes it easy to start the program. But a person who is not familiar with the technicalities of the operating system may find it extremely difficult to add a short cut to the desktop. In such a case also, the user may seek the help of customer service experts.
  • We have mentioned the minimum system requirements of the windows and the Mac systems to use the AOL desktop gold software. If a user’s system does not comply with these requirements, then it will create a compatibility issue.
  • Sometimes the gamers may not be able to play some specific games through the AOL software.
  • There may be different internet browsers in the user device. In such a case, if the user wants to set the AOL gold as the default browser, then he needs to make some changes in the setting. But this may not go well every time.
  • The software may not respond to the command of the user in some cases, especially when there is a compatibility issue.
  • The software lets the user perform the entire task via the AOL software. But sometimes, the software may not even open.
  • The user may want to upgrade the AOL desktop gold software from time to time. But some users have reported technical glitches during this up-gradation process.
  • Another issue of the AOL desktop gold software is its freezing problem. When this one occurs, the user can’t perform any task with the software.

AOL desktop gold features

Let’s say your device has all the system requirements for the AOL software, and you have successfully installed it in your device. Now, what are the features that you will be getting with the software? We have given a quick idea here-

  • Chat room: The chat room of the AOL desktop gold allows the users to communicate with other people. If the user wants to have some personal conversation with someone, then also the chat room has provision for it.
  • Play Pogo games: Do you love to play pogo games? If yes, then the AOL software is a big boost for you. You can play various types of pogo games, such as puzzles or races, via this software.
  • Manage your AOL email: You can manage your AOL email account via the AOL desktop gold software. You can send and receive emails, add attachments up to 25 Mb, and perform every task as you want.
  • Manage your browser: From the AOL gold software, you can also manage your browser and search the internet. You do not need to have different browsing software on your device.
  • Print the documents: Do you have some documents that you need to print? Or some web page that may be helpful in later days? If yes, then you can print the page directly from the AOL software.
  • Password: AOL software can manage all the tasks in your device. So, it needs to be protected from privacy intruders. The software has a secure password enable and disable the feature that will keep your data safe from potential hackers.
  • Hide your information: When you are signed in to an account, then the potential hackers may steal your data from it. But the anti-keylogging feature hides the characters that you type in the AOL software from such threats.
  • Suspicious alert: The AOL software alerts the user when he tries to browse a web page that is potentially harmful to the system.
  • Take a screenshot: There are some websites and software that tries to take a screenshot of your valuable information. This may include your bank details and other logs in credentials. But the AOL desktop gold prevents these platforms from taking any screenshot of your device.

Conclusion: so above these are simple steps about How to Download, install AOL Desktop gold on Windows and MAC these are just simple and very clear guidelines to install AOL Desktop Gold you must follow them very carefully still having trouble to download or Install AOL Desktop on windows & MAC no need to worry about that you can ask here to experts who give you complete solution to fix it.

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