AOL Desktop gold login problems are easier to manage & simpler to solve.

AOL Desktop gold login problems are easier to manage & simpler to solve.

AOL Desktop gold has a unique feature of upgrading automatically.  It saves space on the system during up-gradation by removing old files. But auto up-gradation does not work and it halts showing set of problems.

Most people are talking about the various issues regarding AOL Desktop Gold which has become a common problem today.  The moment you try to login to AOL Desktop Gold, you get various messages before the screen turns blank. Once you start the system and enter login details in terms of Username and Password, the AOL desktop gold login shows errors and becomes non-responsive. 

Why AOL desktop gold problems arise

In order to overcome AOL desktop gold problems, troubleshooting is necessary, which is required to follow certain procedures. These procedures are easy to perform and doesn’t require technical knowledge at all. These procedures are easy, simple and a person with basic computer knowledge can perform without any difficulty. And you can easily solve the AOL gold problems.

Lets us discuss some of the AOL-error messages and the indications corresponding to the system.

Blerk Error 1       –              The error corresponds to authentication problem 

Error 3                   –             The mailbox related issues  

Blerk Error 4       –              The problem corresponds to loading the mail

GAH Error            –              Mailbox issues

ZOIDS!                  –             Issue relating to Account type

How to fix these errors:

  • The basic procedures that help in identifying the problem and resolving it are given as follows:
  • The cache memory, cookies, and the browser should be cleared of previous data. The history needed to be empty.
  • The Java applets should be used to rectify the GAH glitch and Blerk errors. The firewall setting and browser history should be altered.
  • The web setting needed to be fixed so the AOL login issue can be fixed. 
  • The blank screen can be adjusted with trivial URLs, java scripting and web settings options.
  • These are the basic procedures that help in identifying the issues and minimizing uncertain behaviors.

Let us discuss the advanced processes which will help us in resolving the AOL gold problems

Step 1.  The security settings of the browser should be changed.

  • For Internet Explorer which works as a default browser in some of the systems needs to have the following settings:

Make Internet Explorer as default browser (if still not chosen)

Go to Browser >> Tools >> Internet options >> Security tab

Chose Internet zone >> Enable Protection mode >> Add AOL (as trusted site)

  • For Mozilla Firefox works as the default browser

Run AOL software in safe mode

Mozilla Firefox >> Menu >> Restart with Ad-On should be disabled

Step 2. Make changes in the settings of Firewall

  • Firewall can sometimes block the software running in the system
  • Click Windows >> Control Panel >>
  • Search for Windows Firewall >> Allowed programs
  • Check to see if HTTP://* is allowed
  • The options web filtering should be unchecked
  • Save the setting  and re-start the system

Step 3.  Need to change Browser privacy settings

  • Click on the browser (used to access AOL mail)
    • Click on Tools >> Internet options
    • Select the required setting by scrolling the bar in the privacy tab
    • Make the setting default
    • Click to continue
    • These are some of the basic and advanced options which can help in detecting and modifying the settings in order to support AOL Desktop Gold login issues.

In case of any confusion or difficulty, while doing the desired settings; you can call the AOL customer support services for the support and expert advice.

One of the most common AOL Desktop gold problems that most of the users face is AOL desktop software runs slowly. Sometimes the software runs so slow that it makes the system hang after login. Most users find it very difficult to work while AOL Desktop Gold doesn’t support and keeps showing uncertain behaviors. O most of the users look for early rectification of the problem and some powerful solutions. Users can understand the processes and can easily implement it to solve any problem they face relating to AOL desktop gold software issues.

AOL desktop software runs slowly.

Let us discuss  effective solutions while dealing with AOL desktop gold which runs slowly

Solution number 1: Restart the system. By restarting the system, all the programs that are running slowly by occupying a large amount of memory get released by clearing the internal memory of the computer. And the software gets loaded effectively when the system starts again.

Solution number 2: Needed to choose startup programs. Make use of Task manager and from the list of programs running on the computer, you can disable some of the programs which are not necessary at this point. It certainly helps the system to start working at a higher speed and more efficiently.

Solution number 3: The internet connection can be checked and needed to start once again. Turn off the Router or Modem, wait for a few minutes and re-connect it. It is better to turn off the computer system too along with the net connection. After 30 seconds start the system along with internet connections and start getting better results.

Solutions Number 4: Clear the history and the footprints.  Once you clear the cache memory, cookies and also choose the used files and the data from the menu bar. The memory once cleared, allows the software and other required programs to run faster allowing you to work comfortably.

 Solution Number 5: Make use of command prompt from the windows option. Choose the option Run as Administrator. Also, type the command ‘netsh Winsock reset’ and then enter key should be pressed. 

These are some of the easy to handle solutions that surely help the users in resolving the day-today AOL gold problems.

Lets us discuss about the following —  

Why AOL mail is not working on iPhone?

The services AOL main provided to the users by AOL Inc. and the email services are supposed to run on electronic devices which include computers, laptops, tablets, and mobiles. The AOL email services are one of the best and of superior quality. The email services offer a number of latest features that are user-friendly, advanced and offer the best of services. But sometimes the users face the problem when the AOL mail doesn’t work on iPhones which creates confusion among the users.

Some of the solutions are discussed below which can certainly help a user in rectifying the fault and resolving the problem that occurred.  Follow the steps given below and it will help you to make AOL mail not working problem

  1. Go to the settings option of your iPhone
  2. Navigate Accounts & Password and find the account in use.
  3. Choose AOL Account in the received list
  4. Delete the AOL account by choosing the Delete option
  5. Wait for 30 seconds, after deleting the AOL account
  6. Choose the option Add an Account
  7. Disable the Firewall settings
  8. Scan your iPhone for viruses and malware
  9. The AOL email services will start working on your iPhone
  10. In case of any problem or difficulty, you can call the customer service department of AOL and ask for guidance.

The popularity of AOL desktop gold is increasing and a number of users wanted to install AOL desktop gold Software either on Windows or on Mac.

The steps for installing AOL Software on windows:

  1. You must log in to the AOL account and start downloading the AOL software for Windows.
  2. Once the software gets downloaded, 
  3. run it in your system as Admin
  4. accept the agreement and terms & conditions and continue
  5. Click Install and wait for the software to install on your system completely.
  6. Before you launch the AOL software, restart the system.

Steps for installing AOL software on Mac system

  1. Go to the official AOL Desktop Gold software website and download the software for Mac
  2. You can log in into your AOL account, select products & services option C
  3. Choose AOL desktop for Mac
  4. Click on download option
  5. Open the downloaded file
  6. Choose Agree proceed with installation option & Click continue
  7. Select Install, enter the information and AOL software gets installed on Mac

You can always call the AOL Customer Support Number, in case of any problem during installation or if you face any difficulty for AOL Desktop Gold Problems.

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