How to fix the problems related to AOL receiving or sending emails
AOL not Receiving or Sending Emails

How to fix the problems related to AOL receiving or sending emails

Learn Why is my AOL not receiving emails?

AOL account not receiving messages is one of the most frequently occurred glitches of the platform. There can be various reasons for it, most of which are pertinent to other messaging services also. Let’s go through the causes before we get into solving them one by one.

  1. Email-Filters: AOL email filters may prevent some emails from getting into your inbox. You might have applied those filters to get rid of the unwanted messages. But in the process, some essential message sources may have been added to the list. If such is the case, then you will need to remove the filters to get the messages.
  2. Email Forwarding: Have you added an alternate email address to your AOL account? If you have, then it may be the reason behind the AOL not receiving emails issue.
  3. Email configuration: If you are using AOL in your mobile or your tablet, then you must have configured the email service. The users need to add proper incoming and outgoing server credentials in it. If the servers are not correctly set, then you won’t receive any email.
  4. Corrupted browser: A damaged browser may be the reason behind AOL not receiving emails issue. The cached files and browser history are the primary reasons.

How to fix AOL not receiving emails?

We have gone through the potential suspects for the issue, now let us guide you through the steps to eliminate AOL not receiving emails problems.

Email Filters: Email filters will send the messages to other folders, especially an unwanted email folder such as spam or the trash folder. Here is how to remove the filters-

  • Open the AOL login page in your browser and type the username and the password to log in to your account.
  • Look at the top right corner of your screen; you will see the “options” button. Click on it.
  • Now, choose the “mail settings” among the other options. It will bring up different setting which has been applied to your AOL account.
  • Click on the “filter settings” among the other options. If you have applied any filter to your mail, then they will show up here.
  • Choose the filter which may be the reason behind the diversion of your mails to other folders. After choosing, click on the delete option.
  • Save the changes in the end.

Email forwarding: If you have opted for an email forwarding option for your AOL account, then here’s how to remove it.

  • Open your browser and log in to your AOL account.
  • Go to the “options” followed by “mail settings.”
  • Now, choose “general settings.”
  • Under the general settings options, go for “forwarding.”
  • If the forwarding option is enabled, then uncheck it to receive the emails on your AOL account.

Email configuration: For removing the AOL not receiving emails issue, go to the configuration of the email on your device and put the following credentials in the incoming server settings-

For IMAP-                                                 Port Number: 993

Server name:                       SSL Type: Yes

For POP3-                                   Port Number: 995

Server name:                   SSL Type: Yes

Corrupt browser: A corrupt internet browser and its cached files and the browser history may prevent you from getting the emails. Here is how to get rid of them(we are using Google Chrome for the example)-

  • Open your browser and click on the options and customization option at the top right corner.
  • Choose “More tools” from the list of options. Then go to “Clear browsing history.”
  • On the pop-up window, choose the time as “all-time” and check all the three boxes below it.
  • Now, click on the “clear data” button to complete the task.

The above-mentioned steps should enable you to receive emails in your AOL account.

Why are you not being able to sending emails in AOL?

Out of the many reasons that may lead to AOL not sending emails problem, many are similar to those of the AOL not receiving emails issue. We will mention all the potential issues, and give solutions to those problems which have not been solved in the previous section.

  1. RAM usage: If you have not shut down your device for some days now, then the continuous RAM usage may lead to the problem.
  2. Corrupted browser: As we have mentioned earlier, the caches and the saved history in your browser may also cause the AOL account not able to send messages problem.
  3. Pop up blocking software: The AOL mails require pop up enabled settings in your browser. If you have software that blocks the pop-ups, then it may be the cause behind the issue.
  4. Mail configuration: We have already discussed the effects of wrong mail configuration in AOL’s performance. You need to check the setting in this situation also.

How to solve the AOL not sending emails issue?

  1. RAM Clearance: If you have not shut down your device for a long time, then restart your device once. It will free up the RAM and may help in getting rid of the situation.
  2. Get rid of the pop-up blocking software: If there is some extension that is intended to block the pop-ups, then disable it. Go to your extensions option and block it temporarily by un-checking the “enable” option.
  3. Mail Configuration: Go to the settings of your device and type the following configuration under outgoing server settings:

For IMAP-                                   Server name:

                                                              Port number: 465

                                                                SSL type: Yes

For POP3-                                Server name:

                                                            Port number: 465

                                                                 SSL type: Yes

Make sure that you clear your browser history too as per the steps mention in the “AOL not receiving email” section, as it is another potential reason for AOL not sending an emails.

Sometime AOL user might be faced this kind of error “AOL Mail Currently Unavailable” have a look here why this problem occurs and how to fix if AOL mail currently unavailable

How to solve AOL mail not currently available issue

  1. Server going down: If this is the reason, then you can’t do much about it other than waiting. You can know if such is the reason for searching the AOL server status in your area at that time.
  2. Lower the security: As the high-security system is known to have to cause AOL’s unavailability, lowering the same may get rid of the situation. Disable your windows defender or any other anti-virus system to check if the trick works.
  3. Change DNS server: Sometimes, changing the DNS server settings will help you to resolve the problem. Set the following as your new DNS server address:
  • Primary:
  • Secondary:

Restart the system once you set the addresses.

So, here they are! The reason and the remedy for all the frequently occurring problems in your AOL account.

Conclusion ,So this information mention above for AOL not receiving or sending emails the main purpose was to aware how to fix this problem with the help of experts without any expert help don’t try this it may harm to your AOL account even if you are having troubles to fix AOL mail currently unavailable you can consult with the professional they will guide you with step by step service.

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