Quick and Easy Solution AOL not Responding
Why aol not responding

Quick and Easy Solution AOL not Responding

Effective steps to Fix AOL Not Responding Error in a Quick Manner

Sometimes AOL keeps saying- AOL not responding, however it is working on other computers or devices. This article will walk you through the problem if your AOL not responding to issues and formulate all the effective fixes to combat this issue.

Causes for AOL not Responding Error

Getting the Alert for AOL is not Responding message you must ensure these ones here:

  • The problem doesn’t persist after making changes in the device.
  • The issue is nor pertaining to AOL.com but it deals with other software.
  • In order to connect the internet, you are not adopting any proxy address.

Here we will describe the solution for AOL not responding on desktop, android phone, iphone and windows 10

  • First of open your browser (chrome, firefox, IE, Safari)  and press Tools icon present at the top right corner.
  • Then choose the Manage add-ons option present at the drop-down list.
  • Under the Show Tab option, choose All Add-ons option and after that disable them.
  • Last but not least, shut down the window as well as an explorer in order to apply the changes.

by using above steps AOL not responding will fix on PC either you can contact at 1-888-983-4006

Tips for fixing AOL not responding on android mobile:

AOL android application is available which used by the android users for accessing the AOL mail from the android phone. User can use below steps if their aol not responding on android.

  1. Restating the android phone and test the working of the AOL mail application. More than 50% of the android application issues are solved by restarting their device.
  2. If still the problem remains the same then force stop the AOL mail and restart it by going to setting-> Apps. Click on the AOL mail app from the list and tap the force stop button. If it ask again for confirmation click ok.
  3. The last step is to uninstall the current application and install the latest version of AOL app. Sometimes there can be a technical error in the current version of the application which eliminates after installation of the latest version of AOL mail application. For this go to the setting-> Apps-> AOL mail app-> uninstall and then click on ok to uninstall it from your device. After then user can download the updates version from the app store like play store.

User should keep their android mobile updated. Any android application runs best of the latest version of the android software. For this user should regularly update their android device software. Android application can be updated by opening the setting app from any android mobile.

Tips for fixing AOL not responding on iphone:

Same like in the android phone user can simply restart their iphone and test the AOL mail app.  If it has the same error now then follows given steps to fix the problem.

  1. Typically this problem arises due to network. User can turn on the airplane mode of the iphone and turn it off after few seconds.
  2. Delete exiting AOL mail account from iphone and add it again by executing given steps.
    1. Go to setting app-> Account and preferences.
    1. Select AOL account.
    1. Click on button named as delete account. It will take few second to delete your AOL account.
    1. To add your account again, click on setting-> Account and preferences.
    1. Click on add account button.
    1. Enter the AOL mail credentials (mail id and password) and follow on screen instructions to add your AOL mail account on iphone.
  3. User can also reset the network setting of iphone by following given steps.
    1. Open setting-> general-> Reset.
    1. Select the ‘reset network setting’ from the option.
    1. Restart the iphone and test the working of AOL mail app.

Instead of using the any software or application for accessing their AOL mail account some people prefer the browser to access their AOL mail

AOL not responding Windows 10

Follow the below steps to fix AOL not responding issue in Windows 10:

Fix 1: Run the Troubleshooter

  1. First, tap the Start button o Windows and ten looks for Control Panel.
  2. Then, write Troubleshooter at the top right corner in Control Panel Windows. After that, press Troubleshooting option available on the screen.
  3. Then press View All. Hover on to the Internet Explorer Performance tab and go through the on-screen instructions to get the exact and proper problem.

Fix 2: Examine Active Scripting, Active X, and Java not getting obstructed by Internet Explorer

If you did any modifications or make customized settings of the browser, then it may happen that the Java applets, ActiveX, and other similar features may get blocked. Hence to make the AOL respond back properly again, follow the following steps:

  1. Move to Internet Explorer. Then, tap the Tools menu.
  2. Moreover, press Internet Options. Then go to the Security tab. After that, you need to reset all the Zones to a default parameter.
  3. Then, press OK to make the changes.
  4. When Active X, Java applet, or Active Scripting gets unblocked, you will not face the AOL not responding will no longer exist.

If you don’t see Tools menu, click ALT to exhibit the menu on the desktop.

Fix 3: Disable the Add-ons

Add ons sometimes refrain the websites from the correct display. Henceforth, you need to disable all the add-ons:

  1. You should run the Internet Explorer without the add-ons and examine to see if the problem persists.
  2. To accomplish this, press the Start button and then provide Internet Explorer in the search option.
  3. Press Internet Explorer.

If the problem is fixed, then you need to disable the add-ons. If you wish to turn off the add-ons, please refer to the section to know AOL not responding on windows 10

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