How to Change Gmail Security Settings
How to Change Gmail Security Settings

How to Change Gmail Security Settings

Gmail is one of the free and reliable email services used by mail users across the world. You can update the Gmail security settings so nobody can gain unwanted access to your account.  If you want to know how to change the Gmail security question, follow these easy steps. Following these steps, you can make changes to many security settings and keep your account secure. It is important to enabling security features on Gmail so all your data is secure.

Change security question in Gmail

  • Log into your Gmail account
  • Click on the Gear icon to open options
  • Click Settings
  • Choose Accounts and imports
  • Click on Change Password Recovery Options
  • Go to the Security Question section
  • Change the security Questions
  • Note down the answers
  • Click on the Save button

How to Add security question in Gmail

You can enable many security settings when you are logged into your Gmail account using the Settings option. You can add security questions, phone number, recovery email address, and enable two-step authentication feature using this feature. You can add a phone number as a security feature and enable double security of your account. Follow these steps to add a phone number to your gmail account.

  • Sign in to Gmail
  • Select your Profile Picture on the top right hand side
  • Click on Google Accounts
  • Select Personal information
  • Click on the Contact Information
  • Select Phone
  • Click on the pencil icon to Edit the phone number
  • You will be prompted to enter your password
  • Enter Password
  • Click Next
  • Select Edit icon
  • Choose Your Country
  • Update Phone Number
  • Click Select

This will complete the process of updating the phone number. If you forget your password, these settings will be used to recover your account.

Change phone number for Gmail App in iOS and Android

  • Log into your Gmail account by clicking on Gmail App
  • Click on Menu that has 3 horizontal lines
  • Select Settings
  • Tap on your email address
  • Select the option Manage Your Google Account
  • Click Personal Info
  • Select Phone
  • Click on Edit
  • Enter Password
  • Click Next
  • The Phone edit screen appears again
  • Click Edit
  • Update your phone number
  • Click Select

These are the easy steps to change gmail phone number on your PC as well as mobile phone. It is easy to access these settings from any device and make changes to them as and when needed.

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