Why Gmail not Receiving Emails Quick Solution
Why Gmail not receiving and sending emails

Why Gmail not Receiving Emails Quick Solution

Why is Gmail unable to receive emails? (Gmail not Receiving Emails Problem)

Many Gmail users have mentioned in leading Google Forums that they are able to send emails and not receive any. Gmail users might not receive emails due to storage issues. Gmail filters which block categorized mails, Antivirus and firewalls get into the way.

Gmail server may be down in a temporary manner, or the user is sent a bulk file which is more in size than the permissible limit allowed by Gmail. Due to this Gmail sending and receiving, emails become difficult.

Gmail not receiving emails due to filter settings and blacklisting settings etc. the Gmail filters route the emails received on the inbox to a wrong folder. Due to bulk emails being available. There is a high chance that emails get misplaced in the inbox.

  • If you face the above issue, please try to run the Gmail application from a different browser.
  • The Gmail service can be down on a temporary basis.
  • Enter the keyword called Gmail in the address bar of the website. to check if that is the case press the return key and see if the outage of gmail can be fixed.
  • Another reason why a user cannot receive an email in Gmail mail box is when the gmail mail box runs out of space. To check the storage space please open the Google drive page. The Gmail users are registered as a part of Google account.
  • Click on the option of upgrade storage, to open the tab shown below, directly below, the maximum space for Gmail, Google drive, and Google photos is 15 GB combined.
  • Users who have crossed the limit of 15 GB storage space, they would have to create more space in the gmail account. This will enable them to open the gmail account in a web browser.
  • Then click some emails and press the delete button.
  • Click on more on left of the gmail tab.
  • Then click bin to open it.
  • Click the empty bin option to erase the email from there.
  • Post this process, you will be able to receive the emails on your gmail account.

Gmail not receiving email on Desktop:

When you are unable to receive an email via gmail on the desktop, there is a clear chance that you have entered the incorrect combination of gmail.com user id and password. The user may be using multiple email accounts for various purposes so it may be difficult to remember the accurate password for all the accounts. This is also a possible reason for gmail to not receive emails on Gmail account.

Please ensure the operating system used by the Desktop is compatible with the new gmail application. Outdated web browser also does not permit you to use gmail application on the desktop. Please ensure you have proper internet security and connection and the antivirus and firewalling does not block the receiving of new emails.

Keep your storage capacity enhanced to avoid this error from receiving emails. Please also update the MX record domain to be able to entertain third party clients on your gmail. So that sending and receiving emails becomes simple and easy.  

  • There may be an issue with the two step verification process. You will receive a verification code on your registered mobile number.
  • Sometimes due to network issues you may or may receive a verification code.
  • Ensure while you request for a verification code you are in a good signal area.
  • You can also mention the registered recovery email id so that the verification code reaches your email id.
  • Tap your device and make sure you have checked the Sync gmail settings.
  • Open your device and settings app
  • App’s and notification
  • App’s and info
  • Gmail and storage and now clear data
  • Once you have set these settings please restart your device and check whether the setting is working or not.
  • Gmail may stop working on IPhone this is a common problem, to rectify this problem please make the following changes, the IMAP settings are not enabled in gmail, this is a technology that gmail uses to receive an email on gmail.com.
  • Sometimes you may face an issue that gmail wont load, for resolving this issue please use a different browser please clear the browser data and cache files. Please clear your browser files and cache cookies. Once this is cleared please check whether the gmail problem is resolved or not.
  • The add ons that you add on gmail you install the browser and applications, this may prevent the gmail from working.
  • Once you are able to clear the cache files and cookies the gmail will restore and work properly.
  • Like any other application even gmail requires troubleshooting steps for it to function properly.
  • These steps are as follows and you can use these steps in any of the devices ranging from a smartphone, to a laptop, the following steps will help.
  • Please ensure to update your app for gmail.com
  • Restart your device
  • Check your settings
  • Clear your storage
  • Check your password
  • Clear your gmail information.
  • For a laptop you can open the web browser, if you want to open a web browser you can do it from any web browser.
  • Enter your email address, type your gmail address into the email field.
  • Click on next enter your email password.
  • Click on Next.
  • On the Android device make sure you have gmail app.
  • Open the gmail app.
  • Click on the add account option.
  • Enter your email id and password and then click next.
  • Please allow your inbox to load.
  • You can also click on use another account if you wish to use an existing gmail account.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • After you enter the email credentials now please select next.
  • If you want to switch between accounts click on the circle on the top right corner this will allow you the select the desired account from the drop down menu.

Gmail messages Bounce, Not Sending Emails what are the possible reasons for it:

There can be several reasons why a gmail message bounces, users many a times forget to clear the storage space or the email id provided to the sender is written in an incorrect manner. The IP address is blocked by the server. The Gmail message holds a large file in its attachment which is rejected by the server. Some of the common reasons are right there in the eyes of the users but still these reasons are neglected.

  • If gmail is bouncing the possible reason for it is that filters are rejecting the email server.
  • The email has authentication failures.
  • The email has a poor reputation
  • The domain and IP address is blacklisted in the email server.
  • When Gmail bounces it sends a message back to the sender sever that your email has bounced.
  • This could happen due to an email id which is incorrect in nature.
  • The email id you tried to reach does not exist.
  • The email message is flagged as spam
  • Recipient server rejects your email request.
  • To avoid the email being rejected, please check spelling errors, please check for accurate punctuation marks. Add spaces before and after the address.
  • Please add dots and extensions at the end of the address.
  • Your messages looked spam and suspicious.
  • Check if there are any mistakes in the recipient email address.
  • Please contact the customer service team, when you face an error in the gmail email service.

Gmail is unable to sending emails how to rectify this issue:

Another common problem is the user is unable to send mails. This could be due to the server which fails to accept the request. Large volumes of emails sent to an unknown or a new IP address. Shift in email volumes. The internet connectivity and email ids are faulty due to which this issue arises.

Being unable to send a message from your Gmail account can wreck the productivity and ruin your work day. You can lose out on a valuable business opportunity. People use simple passwords in a view that they won’t create an error and are easy to remember but they are the most vulnerable and create maximum errors as the users assume that their password is correct.

Sometimes the mail servers crash, once they crash these create issues. A simple hack is restart the system from control panel. This will rectify your issue.

  • You may face a queued delivery error in gmail. Because there may have been a temporary error in the email server.
  • The recipient server does not accept your mail request.
  • High bounce rates.
  • Spam reports from gmail users.
  • Check your SMTP server for 500 errors
  • Check log for blocks to other ESP and public blacklists.
  • Lookup the IP address in a blacklist lookup tool.
  • Check your server settings with Glock apps.
  • Check your bulk email forwarding, email to gmail and related domains.
  • Identify the bulk mailing campaigns that might be available on the server.
  • Verify the authenticated records, those are correct.
  • Find out if the gmail account email volume has increased.

Final Words: These Gmail not Receiving emails and Not Sending Emails might be useful still having any error or problems you can contact at 1-877-200-8067

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