How to fix Hotmail not Receiving emails
Hotmail Not Receiving Emails

How to fix Hotmail not Receiving emails

Hotmail is a very convenient email service maintained by Microsoft. But the users may face the Hotmail not receiving email issues sometimes. We are addressing the reasons and giving the remedies here.

Why are you not getting/receiving any emails in your Hotmail account?

There can be various reasons for your Hotmail not receiving the emails in your Hotmail even after someone has sent them. We all have faced those moments at some point in time. Here are the primary reasons for this technical glitch in your account-

  1. Email filters: Hotmail allows users to apply different filters or rules for incoming emails. It sends the emails to a particular destination folder rather than the inbox of your account. The primary altered destinations are your spam and the trash folder. Users use these rules to stop receiving annoying recurring messages from unwanted sources. If you have Hotmail not receiving emails issue, then this is where your search should begin.
  2. Email forward: Sometimes, the users apply the email forwarding option in their Hotmail account. This feature sent the incoming mails to the Hotmail account to another alternative mail address. If an alternative mail address is applied for forwarding the mails, then also the user won’t get them in the Hotmail account.
  3. Incorrect mail address: If you are not receiving the emails from a particular person or group, then it may happen that he is using a wrong mail address.
  4. Browser settings: The cached files and the other internet history may interfere with your connection to the Hotmail server and prevent it from sending the incoming mails to your account. There are also some extensions that can behave similarly. A corrupted browser is one of the main reasons behind Hotmail not getting/receiving an email issue.
  5. Mail settings: If you are not getting Hotmail emails in your android, iPhone or tablet, then the mail configuration on the device may be the reason behind it. A correct mail setting is necessary for the Hotmail to work correctly.

How to fix the Hotmail not Receiving/Getting emails issue?

Now that we have mentioned all the reasons that may cause the Hotmail not receiving emails issue let’s guide you through the remedies one by one.

Email filters: Start by checking your spam and the trash folder. Do they have the mails that you were expecting for so many days? If yes, then you need to get rid of your email filters to start getting the emails on your inbox. Here is how to remove the filters that have been causing the problem-

  • Open the Hotmail sign-in page in your browser. Type in the username and the associated password to log in to your Hotmail account.
  • Now, go to the “settings” option of the top of your screen. It will bring a menu list.
  • Choose the “view all the settings” option from the previously mentioned menu list. It will bring up all the settings that are present on your account.
  • Look for the “rules” option in the menu and click on it. If you have applied any rules to the incoming mails, then they will show up here.
  • Go over the rules and find the one that is sending the intended mails to the unwanted folders instead of the inbox. Click on the “delete” option on its right to remove the rule.
  • Now click on “Ok” and save the changes that you have made. From now on, you will get the mails in your inbox.

If the intended mails are not in the spam or the trash folder, then go to the next step.

Get rid of the email forward: If you have applied email forwarding option in your Hotmail account, then this is how to enable the same-

  • Log in to your Hotmail account by using your username and password.
  • Now, head over to the “settings” option on your screen. It will bring up another menu list.
  • Choose the “view all settings” option from the bottom of the list. It will bring up different settings that can be applied to your Hotmail account.
  • Click on the forwarding tab from the list of options.
  • Check out if the forwarding option has opted for your account. If yes, then uncheck it and save the changes.

If the email forwarding is the reason behind the Hotmail not receiving an email issue, then the above steps will solve it.

Check the email address: If you are not getting the mails from a particular individual, then ask him to check the address that he has been using to send the mails. Correct the address if he were misusing it.

Browser settings: The cached files and the history which is generated over time in your browser may cause Hotmail not receiving emails problem. Follow these steps to get rid of them (we are using Google chrome for the example, but the technique is the same for all the browsers)-

  • Open your browser and click on the three vertical dots on your browser.
  • Click on the “more tools” option followed by “clear browsing history.” It will pop-up a new window.
  • Choose the time as “all-time” and check all the three boxes below it.
  • Click on “clear data” and close the browser to refresh.

Mail settings: If you are not receiving the Hotmail emails in mobile or tablets, then the incorrect mail configuration may be the issue. Check the same under settings option and ensure that they are set as given below (under incoming server)-

SSL type: Yes
Port number: 465

After going through these steps, you can expect your Hotmail not receiving an issue to be resolved.

Conclusion, so this Hotmail not receiving emails is just an unexpected error which may get irritate you any time this time you no need to worry check your network connection either you can consult directly by Experts who manage and provide the information related to not receiving or getting any emails from any person in Hotmail Account.

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