How to solve Hotmail not working issue in Desktop and Chrome
Hotmail Not Working

How to solve Hotmail not working issue in Desktop and Chrome

The Hotmail accounts are accessed through the same login interface of Outlook mail. But sometimes the Hotmail accounts start to show glitches and do not work in desktops or particular search engines such as Google Chrome. The reasons are many, but the frustration is the same. We are going to address these issues and give you the relevant ideas to get rid of the Hotmail stopped/Not working problem.

What are the reasons behind Hotmail stopped working issue?

Three aspects work collectively to give you a seamless experience in using Hotmail services. Your desktop configurations, the internet browser and some other external factors such as the internet connection or the Hotmail server. The potential problem will fall under three categories only. Let’s point out the particular issues for Hotmail is not Working Problem Here:-

  1. Internet Connection: It is the first thing you need to check while dealing with any issue that involves the internet. An improper internet connection will stop Hotmail from working on your system. The problem may be on your end or in the router’s end. Wherever it is, you must detect it.
  2. Incorrect date and time: This may seem like odd reasoning at first. But there are many websites, including Hotmail, whose security system demands the correct date and timing in your system according to your geographic location. If it can’t find the right data, the connection may become corrupted.
  3. Virus: There are no devoid of spyware, malware or viruses on the internet. These unwanted objects can breach your system security during internet surfing. The internet is not the only source for it, though. If you use an already affected hardware, such as a Pendrive, then also the Virus can enter your system and prevent the Hotmail or some other services from working correctly.
  4. Updated system: An updated operating system can also be the reason behind your Hotmail not working issue. You should suspect this in case you have recently updated your policy. Some users have also found that a high-security system is a reason behind the issue.
  5. The browser: The browser on your computer may be the reason behind it. In the browser, in this case, Google Chrome, the cache, and the temporary internet files are the primary suspects for the issue. There are some extensions or add-ins too, which is known to have interjected in connections.
  6. Server Status: Sometimes, the problem may not be in your end. The Hotmail server which is dedicated to your region may be down due to some reason. If such is the case, no one from your area will be able to connect to their Hotmail accounts.

Now let us see how to solve these above-mentioned issues.

How to solve Hotmail not working issue in desktop

Internet Connection: Make sure that your desktop is connected to the internet. If you are using a LAN network such as those in colleges and offices, make sure that your server address and the port number are correctly written on the internet options. Follow these steps-

  • On the search bar of your desktop, type “Internet options” and click on the first option. A pop-up window will come up.
  • There are different tabs on the pop-up window. Click on the “connections” option.
  • Now click on the “LAN settings” on the bottom of the window.
  • On the next window, write the address and the port number, and click on apply to complete the task.

If the Hotmail is Not Working problem persists, then check your router. Turn it ON/ OFF so that it restores to its default mode. If still the issue remains, then go for the next step.

Time & Date: As we have said, the correct timing and date are essential for many websites to work correctly. If this information is not accurate in your desktop, then change them under the setting options.

Virus: Make sure that your system is free of viruses. You can scan your computer by using any of the anti-virus options out there. If the software detects any harmful file/ software, then remove it by following the prompts.

System Restoration: You might have noticed the automatic updates in your operating system that happen when you turn off or turn on your desktop. Usually, they help in the smooth operation of the desktop. But sometimes, their added security system may block some aspects of Hotmail and prevent them from working smoothly. Follow these steps for system restoration-

  • Go to the “control panel” of your desktop.
  • In the bottom of the left hand, click on the “Installed updates” option. It will show you the updates as per the date.
  • Uninstall those updates after which Hotmail not working.

How to solve Hotmail not working issue in Chrome

You will have to get rid of the cached files and remove the blocking extensions to rectify the Hotmail not working on the Chrome issue. Let’s guide you step by step

Remove and Cache Files :

  • Open the Chrome browser and click on the three vertical dots on the top right corner.
  • Go to “More tools” and then “clear browsing data.” A new page will pop up.
  • On the pop-up window, choose the timeline for which you want to delete the data.
  • Check on all the three checkboxes that are provided for clearing cached files and other histories.
  • Click on “clear data” on the bottom right corner.

Disable extensions: You can disable your Chrome extensions temporarily as followed-

  • Open your browser and click on the three vertical dots.
  • Under the “More tools” option, go for “extensions.”
  • Uncheck the boxes next to the extensions which might be interfering in your connection.
  • Open Hotmail and check if it works.

After carrying out all these steps, your Hotmail account should work correctly.

Conclusion All, these mentions above “Hotmail Not Working Problem” for your information sometimes you may get stuck to fix this problem anywhere in that case experts team help you how to follow these procedures to fix the Hotmail account is not working error.

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