How to Change Yahoo Password
How to Change Yahoo Password

How to Change Yahoo Password

We can easily change a known password and we can also reset our password in case we have forgotten our password. The following are the methods that tell you How to change your password on Laptop and on the Desktop app also. 

Learn How To Change Yahoo Password on Laptop

Are you looking to change yahoo password procedure have a look steps below here:

  • Go to your Yahoo Mail, Your yahoo inbox will appear. On the right upper side of the screen, your name and profile picture will appear, click on your name and a drop-down menu will appear.
  • Select account info and then click on yahoo account security which will appear on the left side of the page. 
  • Sign in the dialog box will appear. Enter your login information again, email address and password then select Sign in.
  • On the upper right side of the page, the creation of a password link will appear.  Click on reset password. You can change the password now.
  • Enter your new password twice. Enter a new password in the text box then retype in the confirm password text box. You can double-check your password by clicking on the option of the show password icon. 
  • Click on continue which you will get in a blue button at the bottom of the page.
  • Still Having Trouble to Change Your Yahoo email Password Contact at 1-877-200-8067 talk to the experts for quick yahoo Password Change Options.

How to Reset Yahoo Password on Laptop/Desktop

You can update/Reset your Yahoo Mail password in with the help of below steps here:

  • Click on the DIFFICULTY SIGNING IN, it is in the lower right corner when you will go to sign in section. This will take you to the recovery page. 

If you are already logged in your yahoo account, on the upper right side of the window your name appears, click on your name.
You will get the option of Account Info, click on that. Then before going further click on the Account Security tab. 

  • Enter your recovery phone number or email address. 

The phone number you entered while making your yahoo account is can be used as a recovery method. In case you have entered any email for recovery you can use that also instead of a phone number. 

In case you have not used any phone number or you have forgotten your recovery email address, simply type your Yahoo username. 

  • Click on Continue Tab, you will get a dialog box where you will get an option of text me account key or I don’t have access to this phone. 
  • Select the option of Yes, text me the account key. It’s a blue button on the top of the page. You will get a code on your mobile number from Yahoo. In the same way, if you have entered your email address, you have to click on send me a text on the recovery email address. Then a code will be sent by yahoo on your email id.
  • You will get a Verification box, there you can put your code which you have received in your mobile or email id. Click on Verify. You will get an account selection box. Select the account for which you have to change the password. 
  • Click on creating a new password. Enter your new password twice. Select Continue in the dialog box. Doing so will resent your password.

Yahoo password change is quite easy when you will go through the methods mentioned above. Now the question of how to change yahoo password is not a big deal. As the steps are pretty easy and quick. 

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