Easiest Guide For How To Change AOL Password
How to Change AOL Password

Easiest Guide For How To Change AOL Password

Users do not take password management seriously. It is easy for anyone to guess your password if you do not follow basic rules to change the password. Whether or not your email has been hacked it is a good practice to change your password often. In this article, we will tell you how to change the AOL password. It can be done in easy steps and does not require any expertise. Always choose a password that is a mix of letters and symbols. It must be difficult to guess and deduce.

How to change AOL Password after logging in

  • After logging into your AOL account, click on the account security page
  • Click on the link that says Change Password.
  • Choose a complex new password that nobody can guess
  • Type this new password twice
  • Confirm new password
  • If an error occurs, enter the same password in both the new password fields
  • Click confirm
  • Click continue
  • Click ok

You will get the message, ‘Password changes have been saved.’ Always ensure that the password you use is alphanumeric characters and is more than 12 characters long. As a rule of thumb always create a strong password and choose the one that is not easily deducible.

How to change a forgotten AOL password?

There could be times where you are unable to login to the AOL account due to mistyped passwords or simply because you have forgotten the password. You can recover your account by following these steps if you have forgotten the password.

  • Go to the AOL sign-in page
  • Type your username
  • Click on ‘I forgot my password.’

This starts the password recovery process. You will see account verification options on the screen. The type of recovery information you have filled in, the options will appear based on that. You have to fill in correct information based on what you entered to recover your password. Various options you can find are such as these.

  • Email verification
  • Type in the recovery email address
  • Confirm verification
  • Click the button which sends your email verification code
  • Check the verification code in your recovery email
  • Open the mail that says ‘Recovery access to AOL account,’ and copy the code from that mail
  • Click on the recovery verification screen and paste the code
  • Click continue
  • The screen will prompt you to type New Password
  • Type a new password twice in both the columns provided and click confirm
  • If there are no errors in the process, you will get the message, ‘Reset Password Done.’
  • You also have the phone verification option

AOL Password Recovery through Phone option

If you have activated the phone as well as your recovery email address for verification, you will see the phone option first. Here are the steps you can follow to recover the password using the phone.

  • When you choose this verification option, you will be prompted to type in the missing phone numbers that match the recovery phone number.
  • Type these numbers on the screen and click, ‘Yes, send me the verification code’ button.
  • You will receive a text message on your phone
  • You can choose the ‘text’ or the ‘call’ option on the screen
  • Based on the choice you will either receive a text or call on you’re mobile
  • Type the code that you receive on the text or the call on this screen
  • Click continue, and Ok
  • This takes you to  the password recovery screen
  • Change password on this screen and click ok

How to change AOL password in iPhone

These are the steps to follow to know how to change the AOL password on iPhone. AOL mail is available on your iPhone and iPad and it is easy to add it, change password, and recover it using this device. It is easy to access and manage emails easily if you have AOL signed up with an iPhone. Follow these steps to change the AOL password.

  • Top on the AOL sign-in page on your iPad
  • Click on the Settings tab
  • Choose ‘Change Password’
  • Type your current AOL password
  • Create a strong, new password that is alphanumeric
  • Re-enter this new password
  • Click on Continue
  • Tap on Save Settings
  • Click OK

How to change your AOL password on iPad

You can add and sync as many email accounts you want in the mail, contacts, calendars option and update them easily using these steps. This is how you change your AOL password on the iPad.

  • Go to settings
  • From the list that gets displayed select, mails, contacts, calendars option
  • Select the email account service for which you want to change the password
  • Select the email address
  • A dialog box opens to update the email password
  • Update the password with difficult to deduce the alphanumeric password
  • Press has done
  • Press has done again

How to change AOL password on Mac

It is simple and easy to change the AOL password on Mac. You first have to sync the AOL email with the mail service provided by Mac. This makes it easy for you to update and recover your password using this service on Mac. This is how to change the AOL password on Mac.

  • Click on the mail icon
  • Go to the AOL accounts page and log in
  • Answer the security question with correct answers
  • Click on ‘Change Password’
  • Enter the new password twice
  • Click Confirm
  • Click Continue
  • Click Ok

You must know that it is easy to make any changes with numerous mail accounts on your devices once you have synced them. Unlike the lengthy process on the PC and web pages, iPad, smartphones, and other devices have a syncing options which makes it easy for you to make changes within minutes without having to go through a lengthier process.

Most of the devices come with an in-built mail service which makes it easy for you to sync numerous mail accounts and access them at any time without having to log in from a browser. You do not need technical expertise to follow these steps and can do them easily on your devices. Whether you use a Mac or PC, it is easy to follow these steps and know how to update or change your AOL password on these devices.

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