Quick Guide How to reset the Yahoo Mail password
How to reset the Yahoo Mail password

Quick Guide How to reset the Yahoo Mail password

Almost every email users have two types of email accounts- one that they always used and another that they hardly use. While the regularly used one is always logged in, the other one rarely gets any attention to be logged in. In either case, there is a high possibility that the user will forget the passwords associated with the accounts. So, all the leading email service providers, including Yahoo, have kept the option of password resetting in their platform.

Yahoo has made some changes over the years in its password recovery techniques. They used to emphasize more on security questions before. But now, they make use of linked phone number and backup email id to do the same. There are various modes to perform the task. We will tell you exactly how to reset Yahoo password by making use of these modes while some other method is not feasible.

How to Reset Yahoo password without recovery email

Yahoo or any other mail services ask the users to link different platforms to their mail accounts while creating one. It is done to ensure both the security and smooth recovery of the account in the future. As a user, you can know all the activities on the email account from these linked platforms.

There are mainly two platforms that are linked to the email accounts- an alternate email account and a phone number. The alternative email account can also be used to forward the emails from the primary email account automatically. But what if you forget the password and you do not have the recovery email id anymore? This is where you can use your linked phone number to verify your authenticity to the Yahoo mail service providers and reset your password to get access. Here are the steps to perform the task-

  1. Open the browser on your device. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection. Now go to the Yahoomail.com website. It will open up the login page of Yahoo mail.
  2. In the dedicated space of the page, type the email id of whom you want to reset the password. After typing, click on the “next” button.
  3. The previous step will take you to another page. The page will ask you to enter the password, which is linked to the account. But since you do not remember the password, that is not the option. Instead, click on the “I forgot my password” button below the “sign-in” option.
  4. Now, the next page will show a portion of the phone number that you have linked to the email account before. For security reasons, they will ask you to type the 7th and the 8th digit of your phone number. Type the correct figures and click on the “submit” button below it. Make sure that you have access to this phone number at this stage. The email services will send you a unique code that you will need to enter for the verification process.
  5. The next page will ask if you presently have access to this phone number. Click on the “Yes, text me an account key” to proceed further. It will prompt the email services to send you a code on that particular phone number that will help you to log in to your account. Keep in mind that your cell phone network provider may apply standard charges for receiving the message. So, you will need to have some balance in the Sim-card. If it does not have, then recharge it beforehand.
  6. Wait for the verification code to arrive. Once you receive the code, type it in the resulting page of your password resetting process. Click on the “Verify” button to proceed.
  7. If you have entered the correct code in the previous step, then a success page will appear on your screen. It will tell you that you have successfully signed in to your email account. It will also give you the options to either “continue” to your inbox or “create a new password” before going there. We would recommend you to create a new password before you access your emails.
  8. Click on the “Create a new password” button. The resulting page will allow you to create a new password. Keep a strong password that can’t be easily guessed by other people. Make use of letters, numbers, and special characters to do so. The page will indicate to you when the password will look strong enough. You will need to confirm the same password in the provided space. Type the exactly same passwords in both areas. If you have any doubt, then tick on the “show password button.” Once you are done, hit the “continue” button.
  9. The next page will indicate that your security settings are updated due to the new password. Click on the “OK I got it” button to finish the task. Now you can log in to your Yahoo mail with the new password.

How to Reset Yahoo password without phone number

Suppose you have forgotten the phone number that you have linked to your email account. Maybe you do not have access to it, or you have not linked a number to the account in the first place! If such is the case, then you can use your recovery email to reset the password. The process is almost similar to that with the phone number. The only difference is that you will receive the verification code in your recovery email this time.

  1. Start the process by going to the login page of Yahoo mail. Type the words “Yahoomail.com” in your browser and hit the enter button to reach there.
  2. On the page, you will need to enter the Yahoo mail address, whose password needs to be reset. Type the address correctly, or it will show an error. Once you are done, hit the “next” button below it. You will take to the page, which is usually used to enter the password to login to the account.
  3. As you have forgotten your password, press the “I forgot my password” button to initiate the resetting process.
  4. Now, as we have already mentioned,two platforms can be linked to your Yahoo mail for further necessity. The first platform that the email service providers want to use for the verification is your mobile phone. The next page is precisely about that. It will ask you to enter the 7th and the 8th digit of your linked phone number. But since you do not have access to the phone number, you will need to make use of the recovery email option. To do so, click on the “No, I do not know the digits” option on the page.
  5. The previous step will take you to another page. It will show you the email id that is linked to the Yahoo mail in concern here. Only a portion of the email id is displayed for security reasons, but it is discernible. Make sure that you have access to this backup email id. Hit the “Yes, send me an account key” button here. It will prompt the email service provider to send a verification code to that email id.
  6. Open your backup email account and look for the email from Yahoo. Copy the verification code that has been sent on the email and paste it on the password resetting page. Click on the “Continue” option to proceed.
  7. The next page will show that you have successfully logged into your mail account. You can either directly go to your email account now or choose to set a new password before doing so. If you want to set a new password, then click on the “Create a new password” option.
  8. The next page will ask you to choose a new password for the account. You should use a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters to make it secure. Confirm your new password on the same page. Click on the “Continue” button once you are done.
  9. The following page will ask you if you are satisfied with your recovery option. You will have the chance to add a phone number to the account and also another recovery email id. You can opt for any of them or just hit the “looks good” button.
  10. The previous step will confirm the security update. Hit the “OK I got it” option to finish the task.

How to Reset Yahoo password without security question

The Yahoo mail sign up process asks the users to set up some security questions which may be used to authenticate the user in the future. It can be used to reset the email password. But what if you do not remember the questions either? In that case, you can use either the linked phone number or the recovery email to set the password. Both of the techniques have been mentioned in the previous two sections. We are giving a brief overview of the process using the phone number.

  1. Go to the website Yahoomail.com.
  2. Enter the email id of which you are resetting the password
  3. Go for the “I forgot my password” option
  4. Ask the service provider to send the verification code on your phone number
  5. Type the verification code on the next page
  6. Click on “Continue” to proceed
  7. Set up your new password and confirm it
  8. Click on “Continue” to finish the task.

These are just the skeleton of the whole resetting process. You can refer to the “Reset yahoo password without recovery email” section for a detailed idea.

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