AOL Account Deactivated How to Reactivate AOL Account
How to Reactivate AOL Account

AOL Account Deactivated How to Reactivate AOL Account

Why you need to Reactivate AOL Account and how to Do It

AOL mail is the best email service utilized by a huge number of the customer. Some of them buy AOL paid membership for administrations. In any case, at times they neglect to restore or reactivate AOL account. customer takes up the administrations however they don’t care for the administrations and start disregarding and neglect to drop or recharge the administrations. Along these lines, the AOL account deactivated by the AOL professionals. In the event that you need to reactivate the AOL account, at that point read the blog totally.

The process to reactivate the AOL account is not that hard and you can do that easily by following our article. 

There are 2 ways to renew AOL subscription first by contacting AOL support team or second, read the blog to do it yourself. If you do not use AOL account for a long time, then it gets deactivated.

How to Reactivate Aol Paid Subscription?

  1. Visit AOL official website and click on my account link to login AOL account
  2. After successful login, click on my subscriptions
  3. Find the services or product that you want to renew or reactivate.
  4. Download the application and login the application or product. Then click on renew the subscription.
  5. If you do not get the details then you can click on the Forgot Password link.
  6. This will redirect you on the webpage, where you can reset the AOL password.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to reactivate AOL services.

How to Change AOL Paid Subscription Plan?

You can choose the AOL paid subscription according to your needs. If you want to upgrade AOL subscription then you do it anytime. Follow the steps to change AOL paid subscription anytime you want yourself.

  1. Visit AOL Official Website
  2. Login My AOL Account by clicking on my account link
  3. Now, click on My Services in the AOL account.
  4. Click on my subscription to change AOL subscription
  5. Click on manage subscription on which you want to upgrade or leave the services.
  6. Enter your password, for security purposes.
  7. Visit my product page and click on change my plan option.
  8. Select the best suitable plan that is available in the list
  9. Click on ok to apply the changes.

How to Cancel AOL Paid Subscription?

You can cancel AOL paid subscription any time, after that, you can use AOL email account. AOL email service is free for all. Follow the steps to convert paid to AOL free account.

  1. Again visit the My Account page.
  2. Then click on my services
  3. After that click on the My Subscriptions page.
  4. Then we can select manage for the plan we need to cancel.
  5. At the bottom of our login page clicks on the cancel billing
  6. After that select reason for cancellation and then confirm it.

Final Words: So if you AOL Account deactivated due to inactivity by using above this method you can simply reactivate your AOL account

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