Looking for ways to stop and Block unwanted emails in your Yahoo mail? This guide is your ultimate solution.
stop and Block unwanted emails in your Yahoo mail

Looking for ways to stop and Block unwanted emails in your Yahoo mail? This guide is your ultimate solution.

Stop Wanted Emails in Yahoo mail inbox

Being social animals, communication has always been a pivotal part of our human history. In the early times, humans used to convey and share their messages through symbolic drawings and signs. However, now we have just ample sources of communication as telephones, mobiles, social media or electronic mails. Now in today’s fast technology era, you can disseminate information among a huge audience in just a single click. Effective and timely communication is the root of successful business and interpersonal relationships. Before the advent of any of the social media platforms, electronic mail was the exclusive source to communicate important messages among the diverse group of society. In the present writeup, we talk about one such social media platform i.e Yahoo mail. Keep reading!

Let’s get acquainted with a bit about the background story of Yahoo mail!

Created by the parent American company Yahoo! Yahoo mail was founded by Stanford University alumni, Jerry Yang and David Filo on 8 October 1997 which was then owned by Verizon Communication in 2017. Yahoo service provides access to various other websites, enables online functions and a wide variety of information online. Yahoo mail users benefit from this email service, as it allows a lot of storage to store your crucial information. Users can save emails for as long as they want for future references. Yahoo chat and Yahoo messenger lets the user catch up with their friends and colleagues, Yahoo calendar aids in keeping a record of deadlines and works as a reminder too. The notepad feature helps to put notes in a safe and organized manner. It comes with a virus detector through which all your emails get detected by Norton antivirus for users’ system safety. To sum it up, for a good user experience Yahoo mail offers varied options to change or better the look of the mail to be sent.

Just like you would not tolerate any intrusion in your personal space, similarly, unwanted emails stuffing your mailbox is also an unpleasant sight to behold. These unwanted mails are referred to as spam mails which are also a cause of cyber threat to your online security. Let’s understand how do these spammers get your email address.

Big named organizations like LinkedIn, Adobe, Snapchat, Sony among many others have been hacked in the past leaking a huge database in the hands of these hackers. Spammers download the leaked database and add these email accounts to their long list of targetted emails. So there is a huge web of these spammers which require some attention if you wish to keep your online data safe and secure. We have jotted down some effective ways by which you can stop getting these spam emails. So without much ado lets’ get started!

How to stop unwanted emails in yahoo mail

  • Block mails from a particular annoying sender: Block spam emails in your Yahoo mail. This will ensure you don’t receive any of those irrelevant emails in the future.
  1. First of all, open your mail account on the browser and click on the Gear icon present on the upper right corner of the screen.

b.Now click on “More Settings” present on the right-hand side of the screen.

c.Click on the “Security and Privacy” link and then select the “Add” option.

d.In the “Add an email address to block” link, go to the “Address” text box and type the email address from which you do not wish to receive any further emails and select save.

  • Make use of the “Spam” button to inform Yahoo about it: There is a provision of the Spam button present on the right top corner of your mail screen. Click on the drop-down arrow and select “Report Phishing emails” to report a scam email address.

Block image downloads of the spam folder: Never open the images sent by a spam email address. Opening the same will inform the potential hacker about your being active on the account and the chances of you receiving multiple such emails doubles. To change your account settings to block image downloads follow the below mentioned simple steps.

a. On your account page, click on the “Settings” gear wheel menu.

b.Now click on “Security” and at the same time ensure that “Show images in email box” are set to the “Never by default” option.

c.In case you wish to block image downloads only for your spam folder, choose the option “Always, except in Spam folder”.

  • Set spam filters accordingly: Set your spam filter to avoid receiving any such irrelevant emails in your inbox. By setting spam filters, such mails will directly go into the spam folder. Learn how to do the same in the steps below!
  • In your mail screen, go to the “Settings” option represented by the gear wheel option. Click on “Filters” and select “Add”.Put in the trigger word or lines in the box to identify commonly receive scam messages. Choose the location for such emails and click on “Save” to finish off the process.

Looking for the correct way to unsubscribe from unwanted emails in Yahoo? Carefully read the next section.

Unsubscribe from unwanted emails on your desktop computer.

By unsubscribing the particular mail, you keep your inbox clean and free from irrelevant mails. To perform the same follow the simple procedure provided below.

  • First of all, open your Yahoo email account and open the mail you do not wish to receive in the future.
  • On that particular email, tap on the three horizontal dots option if it is your iOs computer and vertical three dots if it is an Android affiliated device.
  • Now finally click on the “Unsubscribe” option and you are done with the process.

A quick precautionary guide to protecting yourself from spammers.

Have a quick read of the quick precautionary guide that we have prepared to help you stay safe from all those spam emails.

  • It is better not to open strange-looking emails: Opening spam emails notifies the hackers about your being active on the mail which encourages them to send more such mails to your inbox. So better you don’t open such mails and encourage such a step
  • Be on your guard: It is better to be cautious than sorry later. There are many authentic-looking fake websites that coax you into sharing your personal details like username and password.
  • Work smartly on a shared computer: Never go for “Remember my ID and password” while working on a shared computer as this may lead to someone’s unwanted intrusion to your privacy. So better work smart!
  • Report abuse: Never take any disturbing mail lightly. Report abuse on that particular and the Yahoo mail will investigate the same and will make sure you don’t receive any mail from that address in the future.

Contact the professionals

In case of any further issues with the mail, it’s always best to directly contact the professionals themselves. For the convenience of the users, Yahoo mail has provided multiple contact media as “Live agent”,” Sign in helper”,” telephonic conversation” with the technicians, etc all of which are available on their official website.

I hope this writeup comes to your best use in case you too are receiving spam emails and looking solutions for the same.

For more such tech related writeups, keep reading this space!

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