Why Yahoo Mail not Working
Yahoo Mail Not Working on Chrome

Why Yahoo Mail not Working

Useful Guide to Resolve Yahoo Mail Suddenly Not Working on your computer

Yahoo mail not working: Email a short form for electronic mail is a concept invented by Ray Tomlinson. From then on this concept has helped millions of users to communicate with each other in the most efficient manner without really compromising on the safety of the messages, documents or files exchanged. There are many email service providers out there enabling users for an easy email exchange which includes big names such as Gmail, Zoho, AOL mail, Yahoo, etc. However, the present writeup talks in concern with Yahoo mail. Yahoo mail, a leading email service was launched in the year 1997  with ‘Yahoo” as its American parent company. As a matter of fact, this mail service is the third-largest web service all over the world that has been catering to over 227.8 million active users joining this mail service every month. Based on the many queries we have been receiving about the issues faced by the users when Yahoo mail stops working. So if you too are facing a similar issue off lately, read this writeup carefully and you will receive the correct reason causing the same and the troubleshooting steps. Read on!

Before talking about the troubleshooting steps, let us talk about the major reasons causing the issue of the dysfunctioning of Yahoo mail.

Major reasons leading to the issue of Yahoo mail not working.

The section below has been divided into two parts. The first section talks about the troubleshooting guide when Yahoo mail not working on Google Chrome and the second one talks about troubleshooting steps to perform when Yahoo refuses to work on the iPhone.

  • An obsolete version of your browser.
  • The unwanted crowd of caches in the browser hindering the smooth functioning.
  • Improper computer settings.
  • Presence of malware in your computer system.
  • Presence of third party extensions and add ons in your Yahoo mail.
  • Entering the wrong password or username or maybe both.

Troubleshooting steps to be performed when Yahoo mail not working on Google Chrome.

Yahoo mail not working on Google Chrome?If you are frequently facing trouble in performing the same. The steps below will help you as a layman without the requirement of much technical knowledge.

  1. Make sure you are using an updated version of Google Chrome: To check your Chrome version and update the same if required follow the below mentioned easy to perform steps.
  • As a first step, open the Google Chrome browser.
  • On the uppermost right corner of the screen, click on “Customize and control Google Chrome button”.
  • Now from the drop-down menu that appears on the screen, click on “Help” and thereafter select “About Google Chrome”.
  • The window that you would see on the screen will check the updates and inform you about the current version of Chrome. If the current version is available the update will be done by Chrome automatically. Once the update is done, click on “Relaunch” option and let the update be completed.

B. Clear all the browser’s cache on Google Chrome: The browser’s caches can also obstruct your mail’s functioning at times. Here is a simple guide for you to perform the same.

  • Press “ctrl”,” shift” and “delete” buttons simultaneously. After which a new window opens titled “Clear Browser Cache” and proceeds to the next step.
  • Now click on the upper drop-down menu and select the particular time period for which you wish to delete the cache data.
  • If you want to delete all cache dates, go for the option “Select all”.
  • Now click the box right next to “Images and files in Cache” and submit your choice by selecting the “Delete browser data” option and you are done with the process after reloading your site.

C.Try restarting your device: If the above steps didn’t help much, this one might work in your favor. Try restarting your computer afresh for better functioning. If this still doesn’t help, contact the professionals as we mention it in the later part of the writeup.

Troubleshooting steps to be performed when Yahoo mail not working on iPhone

Yahoo mail not working on iPhone?If you are frequently facing this trouble the steps below will help you as a layman without the requirement of much technical knowledge.

A.Try opening mail via separate yahoo application on App store: In case your default mail app isn’t working, download a separate mail application available on the Apple store. This might work in your favor.

B. Sign out from the Yahoo mail app and restart your mobile device: Launch your Yahoo mail application, sign out from your current Yahoo account and forcefully close the app. Once it is done reboot your device afresh and relaunches your mail app, sign in with the similar mail app and the similar mail id.

C. Check for your mobile/cellular data: An improper internet connection on your phone leads to issues while operating mails. So make sure you are receiving a steady internet connection on your mobile.

D.Update your iPhone to the latest version available: An updated phone makes sure that the internet speed and connectivity are top-notch. Perform a mobile update following the below-given step.

  • On your iPhone, go to the option of the “Settings” app and select the “General “ option and proceed to the next step.
  • Now select “Software update” and check for the available updates.

Effective ways to seek the help of the professionals to fix yahoo mail not Working Problem

If you wish to reach the professionals in case of any additional assistance, here is a short guide for you.

  • Open your web browser and go to the “Yahoo help screen”.
  • Now click on the Yahoo “Mail” tab and click on the Yahoo mail product that you are facing trouble with.
  • Now under “Browser by topic”, choose the reason for which you which to contact the Yahoo support service.
  • Other help options include options such as “Speak with a live agent”,” Mail Restore” and “Sign-in helper”.You can also click on the “Contact us” option present at the bottom-most part of the screen.
  • The “Contact us” option will then display many other sub-options such as “Contact a Yahoo specialist”,” Ask the Yahoo community”,” see product related help articles”.

I hope the writeup will come to your best advantage. For more such informative tech writeup, keep supporting and keep following our page!

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